Exercise and nutrition on vacation

Vacation means enjoyment, relaxation, switching off from everyday life and pursuing favorite activities. Fine (and often fatty and sugary) food is also in the foreground during the holidays. For these reasons, vacation is the best time of the year for many.

But wait – how should you proceed in order not to put on 5 kilograms of fat straight away?
If you train regularly and pays attention to his diet, after all, does not want to lose his hard-earned body within a few weeks.

While lifestyle magazines and blog articles often read about foods to be avoided and forbidden meals, I recommend the following tip:

Change your short-term goal from building fat to building muscle! In this way you can enjoy your favorite food and the extra calories for without a guilty conscience use the muscle building!

For the muscle building a calorie surplus is required. The body must therefore be provided with more energy than is actually used. Since your diet will probably not consist of fruits and vegetables on vacation, building muscle makes sense as a goal. The calorie-rich menus, be it a wood-fired pizza at an Italian, burger with french fries or a banana split for dessert, often result in a calorie surplus required for muscle building.

Does Martin use the swing correctly?

But who’s now thinking “The more I eat, the more muscle I’ll build” is wrong. Finally, muscles can be effectively built with a slight excess of calories. Excessive intake of calories does not end up in muscles, but in building up body fat.

It should be said that you can eat healthily even on vacation. Especially if you have your own kitchen in the hotel room and do the shopping yourself, healthy eating shouldn’t be difficult.

Another good option is to have a meal (e.g. the morning Or skip dinner) and hit it hard at dinner.

Conclusion : If you want to treat yourself to something during the holidays without a guilty conscience, you should change your goal to building muscle at short notice. In addition to a calorie surplus, appropriate training is required.

For effective muscle building, a calorie surplus, appropriate training and recovery are required. The former is often required (without problems) with high-calorie meals on vacation . As a rule, you allow yourself enough sleep during the holidays and the stress-free life during the holiday also contributes to better regeneration. In combination with goal-oriented strength training, you achieve the ideal conditions to build muscle. Last but not least, it would be a shame to miss this opportunity for potential muscle building and to store the extra calories consumed as fat pads.

You can also train during your vacation!

Another plus point is the greater flexibility and training time on vacation. Instead of four training units per week, the frequency can be increased to six, for example. Another option is to adjust the intensity of the workouts: for example, instead of 3 sets per exercise, 4 or 5 can be done. Intensity techniques such as supersets and dropsets can also be incorporated, whereby the muscles can be given a new stimulus.

Conclusion: A high calorie consumption combined with improved regeneration provides an ideal basis for building muscles. It is therefore advisable to always train while on vacation, whereby the intensity of the workouts can be increased with special intensity techniques.

With a short-term adjustment of your training goal, you can not only enjoy your next vacation more, but also build it up Muscles open! Take advantage of the increased calorie intake, flexibility and stress-free vacation and consider the conditions as ideal conditions for building muscle.

Instead of constantly worrying about the right menu selection, your future vacation will be a lot can enjoy more. After your vacation, it’s finally time to resume your regular fitness program and pursue your long-term fitness goal (fat loss?).