Biestmilch Essentials 3: Inflammation – the key to well-being and disease

Inflammations therefore also take place in our body when we are completely comfortable. If these generalized inflammatory processes, which are constantly present in the area of ​​all mucous membrane surfaces at the boundaries between the inside of the body and our environment, are well controlled and do not endanger the balance of our organism, then they smolder constantly in our body, but without causing symptoms of illness. As already mentioned, they are an integral part of a “healthy” organism and its physiology.

The inflammatory processes link us to our environment, and they keep us in a dynamic equilibrium of the world. First of all, this inflammation is affected by what we eat. Likewise, but to a lesser extent, exercise and sleep. Oesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis etc. all have a pronounced deregulated inflammatory component that has a major impact on our well-being and our lifespan. In addition to the genetic disposition, chronic inflammatory processes play a central role in all chronic diseases, including cancer.

Keeping inflammation under control and preventing it from degenerating into chronic processes should therefore be a primary goal if we want to reduce the risk of developing the diseases just mentioned. Biestmilch can make its contribution. Ultimately, it is a substance that is able to modulate inflammatory processes by supporting all systems in the organism that trigger, regulate and control inflammation. The supersystems of regulation with which Biestmilch interacts are the nervous and immune systems as well as the endocrinium. Biestmilch modulates the inflammatory microenvironment of the cells at the cellular level. Depending on the level of activity of the inflammatory cell environment, Biestmilch activates or suppresses this environment and thus supports the establishment of a new state of equilibrium. All the effects that I will now touch upon are based on the principle of inflammation modulation.

Nourishing with Biestmilch equals prophylaxis and prevention

If we regard Biestmilch as food, then it does what other good foods and foods do: prevention and keep it healthy. All food – including colostrum – pass through the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach and intestines. In doing so, they interact with the gigantic immune network of the gastrointestinal tract, which acts as a kind of active filter system. All food is processed in such a way that it can be introduced into the overall communication of the organism through active transport mechanisms. If this system works smoothly, then we feel good. Our food is not the medicine that keeps our organism in balance and makes it more resilient. Our food gives us robustness and equips us with the immunity that enables us to coexist with the myriad of microorganisms that surround us.

If you pursue a specific goal with a preventive strategy, we speak of prophylaxis. Proof of effectiveness is apparently easier to provide here, although here too the causality of the events may be questioned. For example, if you have escaped the annual flu epidemic, then you attribute it to prophylaxis. So the proof has succeeded. If you are willing to follow this logic, then the study * carried out with Biestmilch undoubtedly shows its effectiveness in the prophylaxis of flu infections. As an oral immunization, Biestmilch is significantly superior to the flu vaccination and has no side effects. Biestmilch not only works against a variety of flu viruses, it is just as effective when it comes to preventing other viral infections. Because viral infections are controlled and avoided primarily through an intact immunity.

Prevention with Biestmilch equals quality of life

Preventive effects are far more difficult to assess. Since all future is uncertain, we will never know what would have happened if we had taken other paths in our lives. Today we have some empirical values ​​from field studies of other cultures and societies that show how our lifestyles affect life and death. We can look at our own statistics, which now go back around 50 years and are frighteningly clear about the spread of chronic diseases. These include cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, tumors, allergies, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc., a list of diseases that do not necessarily have to be fatal, but have an enormous impact on our quality of life. As already mentioned, these diseases are based on a genetic disposition and chronic inflammatory processes. The quality of our food and the quantities we eat are of great importance for our well-being, for our lifespan and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Studies have shown that our lifestyle seems to have a much greater impact on the course of our lives than we previously thought. So we don’t just inherit how we live and die. How we eat increases the likelihood that we will live better, longer and die less miserably. Biestmilch has the great potential to positively influence the quality of life and the process of aging by helping to prevent the inflammatory cell environment from derailing and thus the development of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Healing with Biestmilch means modulating immunity and stressful states

At this point a new chapter actually begins that belongs in a different context. Therefore it is only a mini-sketch for the sake of completeness. Because Biestmilch is an excellent therapeutic agent for all chronic diseases. That shouldn’t go unmentioned here either.
For over 100 years we have been used to looking at the immune system as a mere defense and defense machinery. This picture of the immune system cannot explain the many immune regulation disorders we are confronted with today. On the contrary, this view obscures our view of new therapy approaches.

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